ATH DURADECK- Wood Timber Decking

Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home with Wood Decking Malaysia

A lot of people prefer using wood when building their decks. It is because wood decking has its own very naturally attractive look. Compared to tiles and concrete, wood does not need to be decorated or enhanced because it is already beautiful, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. The outdoor wood deck is perfect for enhancing your outdoor space.

Nowadays, real wood decking is no longer only for the well-off. Many homeowners prefer to upgrade and increase the aesthetic values of their homes with deck wood flooring. With the increasing demand for wood deck boards, Asia Timber House aspires to be part of your project in making your dream house come true.

ATH DURADECK - Crafted With The Real Solid Wood Decking

The outdoor timber decking is an excellent choice to add aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. Whether you prefer to have a freshly stained wood deck or paint the deck – you can ultimately create a beautiful, aesthetically appealing deck. On top of that, it is a brilliant way to boost the value of your home projects.

Undoubtedly, a natural wood deck is the best decking material. ATH Duradeck from Asia Timber House is made with natural wood and timber for a luxury and modern exterior finishing. It provides you with the natural beauty of timber tone and grains, which are hardly substituted by other decking materials. With an array of wood species, ATH Duradeck offers different wood decking styles to suit your preferences.

The Best Quality Wood for Outdoor Deck

It is essential to find a decking wood supplier that offers top-notch quality materials that can withstand extreme weather, especially rain and sun, in tropical climate conditions. After all, it is always recommended to go for timber wood decking that requires less maintenance.

High-grade raw materials are used to ensure the premium quality of ATH Duradeck solid wood decking. The timber grade of our products is Select and Better, which is higher than many construction and furniture grades. The judicious selection of timber species assures our ATH Duradeck with high durability for exterior uses. It also guarantees the best wood for decks for naturally beautiful and aesthetically pleasing results.

Air Dried Timber Wood Decking

Air drying is vital in transforming lumber into beautiful, finished hardwood products. The process ensures consistent quality and keeps the wood from shrinking. If you want to install deck wood flooring in your home or commercial premises, air-dried wood should be your top choice.

All ATH products, including ATH Duradeck for wood decking, undergo proper air drying processes to effectively reduce and control the timber moisture content (MC). The wood and timber are air-dried to the right moisture content suitable for Malaysia’s climate. The optimum moisture content for wood deck boards will increase the wood and timber stability and reduce the risk of fungi attack, thus further enhancing the durability.

Impeccable Wood Deck That is Cost-Friendly

Wood and timber are some of the world’s few renewable and sustainable resources. When choosing a natural wood deck, it is essential to get the materials from a wood decking supplier that has reliable sources. Plus, it is one reason that makes hardwood decking affordable and cost-friendly.

Asia Timber House directly imports various wood and timber raw materials from legal and sustainable resources from local and international suppliers. Due to that, we can control the quality of ATH Duradeck wood decking with strict monitoring of the required process. On top of that, we are fully committed to using raw materials only from well-managed and sustainable forests.

Asia Timber House - Leading Wood Decking Supplier in Malaysia"

Buying materials earlier could avoid inflation and supply interruption to the house project for contractors and homeowners. However, purchasing decking wood materials beforehand can cause storage issues. Worry not – ATH provides a safe and insured warehouse facility to clients who would like to purchase our wood products earlier.

ATH products come in an impressive array of timber species. We strive to provide you with a wide selection of grain, choice of hue and texture. Every timber type has its unique character, creating a different ambience and atmosphere to match your design style requirement. Check out Asia Timber House or contact us for inquiries to find out more.