ATH Solid Timber Wood Flooring

Timeless Style & Natural Look With Timber Flooring Supplier Malaysia

The timeless appeal of wood flooring is often overlooked. Hardwood timber flooring will never go out of style, unlike other flooring finishes like carpets or tile patterns. Each plank has unique colour and shade variances, adding a further authentic, natural appeal to any floor space. When choosing the best flooring, using wood finishing is always recommended.

Timber wood flooring is the best kind for just about any home. This type of flooring finish is versatile and matches almost every interior design. On top of that, solid wood flooring is also an excellent investment that pays off as it ages beautifully. With offerings of premium wood products, Asia Timber House aspires to be part of your project in making your dream house come true.

Crafting Solid Wood Flooring With The Real Timber Wood

When it comes to wood products, nothing beats the original. Solid timber flooring gives your home a natural and neutral tone. It not only works well with any design and concept but can also match almost any home décor. There is always something for every home with a wide range of timber floor decking in different colours, stains, styles, and species.

Asia Timber House directly imports various wood and timber raw materials from legal and sustainable resources from local and international suppliers. Indeed, ATH solid wood plank flooring is made with natural wood and timber for a luxury finish. It provides you with the natural beauty of timber tone and grains, which are hardly substituted by other materials. With an array of wood species, ATH flooring offers different types of solid wood flooring to suit your preferences.

Top Grade Quality Hardwood Timber Flooring

Among other flooring finishes, timber flooring is well-known to be the sturdiest and most long-lasting. Due to its nature, it is highly durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. Asia Timber House is an expert in providing state-of-the-art hardwood timber flooring to suit your preference and home design requirement with ATH flooring products.

As a top timber flooring supplier in Malaysia, we only use high-grade raw materials to ensure the premium quality of ATH flooring products. The timber grade of our products is Select and Better, which is higher than many construction and furniture grades. The judicious selection of timber species assures high durability for long-lasting use. It also guarantees the best timber flooring for aesthetically pleasing results.

Wide Selection of Perfect Solid Wood Timber Flooring

ATH products come in an impressive array of timber species. We strive to provide you with a wide selection of grain textures and choices of hue. Each timber type has its unique character, creating a different ambience and atmosphere to match your design style requirement. Depending on your preference and style, you can choose the perfect timber wood flooring for your home interior.

Apart from ATH solid wood flooring, we also provide the same wood and timber species for ceiling, flooring, door and door jamb. It gives a more consistent and harmonious design flow for the whole house.

Choose ATH Wood Products for Your Solid Timber Flooring Solution in Malaysia

ATH solid timber flooring is classified according to the width of the floorboard to suit every preference and design – ATH Board, ATH Basic and ATH Slim. It also comes with finishing accessories to make a complete floor.

On top of that, ATH also provides a safe and insured warehouse facility to overcome storage issues. Our customers can purchase our wood products earlier with convenience and avoid inflation and supply interruption to the house project. Check out Asia Timber House or contact us for inquiries to find out more.