ATH product is manufactured using natural timber, one of the world’s few renewable and sustainable natural resources. Available in various species from around the world and various cutting sizes to fulfill every customer’s requirement for design and style.

ATH sold timber flooring is classified by the width of the floor board, into ATH BOARD, ATH BASIC and ATH SLIM to suit every preference, and finishing accessories are all available to make a complete floor.

ATH  solid timber floor is extremely durable and can be refurbished many times over.

With sole emphasis on quality, ATH ensures high quality end products beginning right from the source where only the finest raw materials are selected and stringent QC on every production stage. Selecting only timber of the best aesthetic value with good stability and density, having expertise and experience in cutting the timber strips into the right dimension in relation to the species are important aspects of manufacturing ATH timber flooring products, so that the true beauty of ATH solid timber floor lies not only in its appearance, the sheer warmth and comfort is unmatchable, making every physical contact a pleasant one.

ATH solid timber flooring products meet or exceed globally recognized timber grading rules and standard, such as grading rules established by National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), USA, MGR developed by Malaysia Timber industry Board (MTIB) and FEQ standard from Europre.

ATH products undergo proper and thorough air dry and/or kiln dry process to ensure right timber moisture content (MC) to achieve dimensional stability, increase level of absorption and performance of floor coating, and delivering a smoother finish. It is manufactured using world advance and precise state-of-the-art moulding technology to produce perfect fitting “T&G” interlock and S4S profile type without unappealing gap for perfect finishes.

ATH has built a reputation of exceptional quality with valuable experience and proven expertise, commitment for quality and deep understanding of customer’s hope and expectation.