It is Asia Timber House’s firm belief that investing in training and development for our employees is an essential part of our successful development. We provide extensive training for our employees in technical, commercial and general – for example communication and presentation skills. For suitable candidates we also offer continuing external education, including scholarships.

We provide employees with the opportunity to receive overseas product training and international exposure, and to attend international exhibitions and company meetings. We hold company outings, both as a reward to our staff for their contribution to the company’s success and as a significant aid to team building and the furtherance of long-term loyalty.


Job function and responsibility for each department and each member in the organization are clearly defined. Established standard operating procedures provide clear direction for every employee to perform efficiently and serve as guidelines for performance evaluation and improvement.


Continuous training and development of staff member and international exposure keep our employees up dated on the latest trend, technology and development in world’s timber flooring market. Team building activities keep the whole organization move forward to the same direction.


Let’s take a break! Reward every team member’s effort and contribution. Company trips, dinners, outing… rest and relax.